Krono Original's Krono Event 2020
Страна: Germany
Город: Hannover
Место проведения: Radisson Blu Hotel
Даты: 10.01.2020 - 13.01.2020
Бренды: Krono Original®, Laminate Flooring

Krono Original’s Krono Event 2020 in Hanover, Germany will showcase the newest flooring trends for commercial and residential use. Let yourself be inspired by the diversity of our flooring solutions: from classic to modern, aesthetically pleasing and made from the very best materials.

This year we will present you:

- Multiformat – innovation in two sizes. Infinite design patterns from herringbone to cubes, room borders to classic installation – the new quattro clic makes it all possible.

- New tile size 30 x 60 cm with new designs and new surface textures.

- O.R.C.A. – More than just water-resistant.

- More than 30 new decors and 5 new surface textures in our Krono Original® Collection.

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