Fire Retardant Particleboard

PB FR is a three-layered particleboard type P2 with improved fire retardant properties. Fire Retardant panels are manufactured in compliance with European standard EN 312-type P2. According to the European classification (EN 13501-1) class B-s1, d0 is covered and according to the German classification (DIN 4102) class B1 is covered. For better differentiation from all other particleboards with regular fire qualities, PB FR is color coded with red pigment.


- Flame retardant, ability not to contribute to fire spread and not to form burning droplets
- Low swelling in thickness
- Simple processing with conventional woodworking tools
- Smooth surface
- Special use in horizontal and vertical applications
- The same degree of strength in different directions


- Furniture components
- In public spaces which are subject to stringent fire risk assessment
- Internal non-load-bearing cladding of walls and ceilings, partitions
- Public buildings and spaces
- Exhibitions (display stands, kiosks)


EN 312 - type P2; EN 13501-1 - class B-s2, d0

Emission Class

E1 (EN ISO 12460-5)

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