OSB 4 boards have a higher load-bearing capacity and stiffness than OSB 3 boards. OSB 4 is developed and manufactured entirely in compliance with the current demand of ecological living. Selecting suitable wood and binder, OSB 4 meets high requirements of not only environmental buildings.


- Increased resistance to humid conditions
- High load-bearing capacity and stiffness for construction purposes
- High dimensional accuracy and shape stability
- High flexibility and impact resistance
- Easy workability with common woodworking tools
- Environmentally friendly, recyclable product


- Structural applications: walls, floors, roofs, staircases, hoardings
- Interior: furniture elements, decorative elements in indoor spaces, framework in upholstered furniture, door panels, claddings and partition walls
- Packaging: shipping boxes and containers, pallets
- Retail & exhibitions
- Warehouse management (shelving, racking, etc.)


EN 300 - type OSB 4; EN 13501-1: class D-s1, d0; EN 13986:2004+A1:2015

Emission Class

E1 (EN ISO 12460-5)

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